Propel Your Actuary Career by Changing Jobs

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Few professions can claim as positive a career outlook as the actuarial market. Now is an important opportunity for actuaries to benefit from job growth and recognition by businesses as an increasingly valuable discipline. As demand for actuaries increases, so does job security, but professionals have more to gain by making a move than staying put — from financial growth to experience, marketability, and engagement in one’s career. SC International can help you make the leap and experience the benefits.

Gain Greater Financial Security
One of the most immediate advantages of a job change is the ability to negotiate compensation and benefits. As an already in-demand profession expected to grow 18% in the coming years, experienced actuaries have more leverage in negotiations. It’s not just about making more money, rather setting the foundation for your financial security that adds to satisfaction in your career.

Feel Challenged and Motivated
It’s important to feel engaged in your work and workplace. If you’re feeling underwhelmed or are coasting in your current role, a change of scenery and opportunities to face new challenges can reinvigorate a sense of purpose in your role. Feeling disengaged is often related to a lack of potential for growth in a current workplace, either in title, compensation or other capacities. Even though businesses recognize the value of an actuary, opportunities to grow from within a workplace are often difficult to find or create. Accepting a new position creates both short-term challenges during transition and long-term potential that can bring excitement to and build satisfaction in your career.

Broaden Your Experience
Staying put in one workplace for too long could actually cast skepticism on your experience. Businesses are always pushing for ambitious additions whose experience has both depth and breadth, as well as demonstrating a willingness to take risks. What you may view as loyalty could be perceived as complacency or being too comfortable, when businesses are built on pushing for more. Each new work environment adds dimension to your perspective and experience and gives you opportunities to demonstrate successes in your work. Many opportunities to make a move are here now. Just take a look at our job board.

Your Next Big Opportunity Is In Reach
Experience the positive outlook of the market in your own career. By taking on new responsibilities at a new role, you can uncover more satisfaction in your day-to-day work. Re-engage your personal challenge and fulfillment. We can help you make the step up. Contact us to start getting matched to your next opportunity as an actuary today.