Five Signs You’re Successful — Whether You Know It Or Not

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For years we clung to an outdated definition of career success.

In the old definition of success, successful people were people who had “big” jobs and earned tons of money.

You could tell the successful people apart from everybody else by their clothes, their cars, their houses and other material things.

Now we know better.

If you have an important job and a huge house but you die of a heart attack at an early age due to stress, could anyone still call you successful?

If you have a massive bank account and people on call to tend to your every need but you have no relationships with your own kids because your career is everything to you, are you successful?

Most people would say “No!”

Here are five signs you are already successful, whether you have a great job, a so-so job or no job at all.

Remember, success is not about the things that other people have given you — things like fancy job titles, company cars, big salaries, massive expense budgets and corner offices.

More degrees don’t make you more successful. A better zip code doesn’t make you more successful.

Real success has to do with the power you build in yourself, power that no one conferred on you and no one can take away from you.

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