Fidget Spinners; An Injury Just Waiting to Happen

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Accounting for nearly 17% of all toy sales daily, who could have thought that the hottest toy around, might also be the most dangerous. According to an article found on Property Casualty 360, fidget spinners have been the center of quite a few issues, such as choking hazards, parts getting stuck stuck on fingers and even catching on fire! What does this mean? Product liability and negligence issues might be on the arise.

Regardless of the type of injury, a product liability claim that claims negligence of the designer of manufacturer of the toy must include these four main elements in order to be proven:
– the toy was defective;
– the injury was a direct result of the negligence in the toy design or manufacturing;
– the injuries were compensable damage;
– the defective toy was caused by negligence of the designer or manufacturer.

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