Accepting A Job Offer You Might Not Want

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Accepting a job offer you aren’t 100% excited to accept is not usually the most ideal. On the other hand, you might not have the option to turn it down.

When you SHOULD accept the job: 

  • If you really need it.
  • If it’s the stepping stone to a job you actually want

When you SHOULD NOT accept the job:

  • If the company culture doesn’t match
  • If you don’t see an opportunity for professional development
  • If the compensation or benefits are not what you expected

At S.C. International, we make sure that you never have to choose a job that isn’t the right fit for you. We review your needs and skills to match you with the needs of a company looking to fill a position. Our team of experienced recruiters  makes sure that the job you apply for is one that will be the best for your personality and career goals.

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